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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
3:27 pm - copy of a copy of a copy of a copy


my name is Aleksandra & i would very much enjoy some friendly swapping of mix tapes. i don't want to write anything to limit you folks regarding the style of music you would include, because i am the most curious cat i've ever met, & enjoy all new information. discs are o.k., but don't grow to have the same grainy distortion, a product of either time or poor recording, that renews with each playing a well-loved cassette. i live in europe & hope this will not discourage anyone with thoughts of expensive shipping- estimating that a cassette with a plastic cover (which can easily be substituted with something more interesting) weighs 200 grammes, to send it from my country would cost between $1-4 u.s. dollars. cheap! i am a girlscout & my word is my gold, so no worries about my not sending you something wonderful in return for your tape. send an email to sashinjsh@navigator.lv if you are interested.

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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
2:20 pm


i remember this community.

people should have posted in here more.

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Friday, March 5th, 2004
9:17 pm - come join!

mixtastic A new "ADD ME" community

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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
7:17 pm - [ ish new ]

well, lessee...
i'm new.
my friends are losers and think mixtapes are lame.
someone should be my mixtape friend.
any takers?

current mood: nerdy

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
11:10 pm

New :)
I'm from Maryland.. and i'd love to trade mix tapes.
I don't really know what else to say, i'm horrible at introducing myself.
Sorry :-/
If you want to trade-
email- xonexlovexonexheartx@yahoo.com
AIM- opivyxunity


current mood: content

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
1:37 pm - mixxx tape traders//

name- nobuko
age- 18
fave genres- indie/ 60's folk explosion/riot grrrl/glam
willing to trade- Uk (mainly) and internationally!
e-mail- houy2002@yahoo.com

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Sunday, December 21st, 2003
10:41 pm
i125x anyone want to trade mix tapes??!? aim = i125x im me if you want to, or if you just bored.

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Monday, May 5th, 2003
10:24 am - Wow...

::is new::

current mood: good

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Saturday, March 1st, 2003
1:15 am - hi
veritasaequitas i'm new
wanna trade mixtapes, or talk about movies,music, or life in general IM me or email Flatlinedhearts@aol.com :)

current mood: artistic

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Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
6:26 pm

oh gosh, i absolutely love the mix-tape my friend sent me! i absolutely love it! some of the harder songs are a bit repetitive, but she even told me they were...heehee. here's the track list:

Side A:
Violent Femmes - Jesus walking on the water
some band - Chewbacca, What a Wookie
Mystik Spiral - Freakin' Friends
Cake - I will survive
Pansy Division - Smells like queer spirit
Anti Flag - Spaz's House Destruction party
Madness - Madness
Gravy Train - Sippin' 40z
Pansy Division - Homo Christmas
H2O - Like a Prayer ((this is such a great cover))
Dope - Fuck tha police
Pat Boone - Crazy Train
Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor
TSOL - Code Blue
A bunch of Osbournes clips...

Side B
Jawbreaker - Jinx Removing
Bikini Kill - Demirep
Anti Flag - Underground Network
Tilt - Die of Shame
The Avengers - I want in
Choking Victim - Fucked Reality
Bikini Kill - New Radio
The Gossip - Where the Girls are
Christian Death - Romeo's Distress
Nada Surf - Popular
The Gossip - Swing Low
Rasputina - Transylvanian concubine
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Skinny Puppy - Hardset Head

its an amazing mixtape.

Zero in Tennis.

current mood: hot

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Sunday, July 7th, 2002
6:43 pm - I'm new!

i <3 mix tapes and everything about them! what makes this community better, just fr my own stupid purposes, is that in the info an Ataris song was included. that made my year, sorta.

today i made a mixtape fr my friend in florida, and i beat my mixtape records! my original total amount of songs on one mixtape was 31 as the most. i beat that with 37. the most on one side of a tape was 16; it was beaten with 19. i also made a mix tape yesterday. it had set the record for number on one side! *squeal* it pleased me.

i like punk and alternative and folksey stuff on mixtapes. i don't really mind, as long as it sounds good. if you wanna know the track lists fr the mix tapes, ill be more than happy to tell you. i've also only received one mix tape and i could basically recite what ive gotten from that one if you like. thanks fr making such a rad community ^^

Zero in Tennis.

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2002
10:30 pm - joey, joey, joey, one more dood outta you and i'm gonna slap the shit outta you

i think that's how that goes...

woah, there's people posting. i had totally forgotten about this community. anyway, so uhm hi and stuff to all you new kids. we're a little slow here but if you wanna do the mixtape swapping thing email me. i've got a couple of mixtapers that are really dedicated to the whole exchange thing.

play nice <3


p.s. you can find my email and stuff all over this thing...

current mood: ecstatic

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7:38 pm

I am really dissapointed...
friends never making me mixtapes...
and when they do, they are not good ones.
and i always make my friends the most wonderfull mitapes.
i even make pretty
decorations on them. hmph.

current mood: amused

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Saturday, June 22nd, 2002
4:16 pm

hi :) I'm michaela. I'm new.

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Saturday, June 8th, 2002
2:42 pm

oh god am i going to miss this.

& you chelle.

p.s. trey says to come down to see you kids in july. & i just might.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2002
2:59 pm - news

woo. code talk <3.

anyway, i forgot to remind you kids that the two week thing is up. hope yall got to know some gnarly people. so you can start making/sending the mixtapes you've made.

i also wanted to post that as far as the community goes, i'm thinking of dropping it. i barely remember to post in here and keep up with it. =\

maybe i'll keep this place up, we just won't do mixtape swapping. anyhow, if someone has an opinion or suggestion then post away. you can email me too. if not then the community will just be up for random posting and rambling...or something, until i figure out what to do.

thanks guys

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Sunday, April 21st, 2002
12:26 pm - girls just wanna have fun

lets hear it for cindy lauper!!! woooooo-hooooo!!! lol. oh, heh, sorry.

hi yall!! i was away for a bit. i'm back and badder than ever!! or something...

anyway, have any of you had problems getting in touch with your partners? if so mail me so i can look into it or give you a different partner.

mad love kids

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10:07 am

yo, chelle. what up.

i already made your tape. yee-uh. mad props to me.

i've been obsessed with this band called taking back sunday. i don't know wtf is wrong with me. i listen to them & go teehee, teehee. oh well.

take care.

current mood: blah

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Friday, April 19th, 2002
8:16 am - A new song

I found the next great song for my ultimate mix tape. it's called "I'm Bouncing off the Walls Again" and it's by Sugarcult. Yes it's pop. yes it's annoying as sin, but damn is it hyper.and everyone needs to be hyper. EVERYONE.

current mood: cheerful

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Monday, April 15th, 2002
10:18 pm - I have joined huzzah

I joined the mixtape revolution. REVOLUTION I SAY!

current mood: amused

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