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I'm new!

i <3 mix tapes and everything about them! what makes this community better, just fr my own stupid purposes, is that in the info an Ataris song was included. that made my year, sorta.

today i made a mixtape fr my friend in florida, and i beat my mixtape records! my original total amount of songs on one mixtape was 31 as the most. i beat that with 37. the most on one side of a tape was 16; it was beaten with 19. i also made a mix tape yesterday. it had set the record for number on one side! *squeal* it pleased me.

i like punk and alternative and folksey stuff on mixtapes. i don't really mind, as long as it sounds good. if you wanna know the track lists fr the mix tapes, ill be more than happy to tell you. i've also only received one mix tape and i could basically recite what ive gotten from that one if you like. thanks fr making such a rad community ^^

Zero in Tennis.
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