navel-gazer (skela) wrote in mixtape_iou,

copy of a copy of a copy of a copy


my name is Aleksandra & i would very much enjoy some friendly swapping of mix tapes. i don't want to write anything to limit you folks regarding the style of music you would include, because i am the most curious cat i've ever met, & enjoy all new information. discs are o.k., but don't grow to have the same grainy distortion, a product of either time or poor recording, that renews with each playing a well-loved cassette. i live in europe & hope this will not discourage anyone with thoughts of expensive shipping- estimating that a cassette with a plastic cover (which can easily be substituted with something more interesting) weighs 200 grammes, to send it from my country would cost between $1-4 u.s. dollars. cheap! i am a girlscout & my word is my gold, so no worries about my not sending you something wonderful in return for your tape. send an email to if you are interested.
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