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mixtape_iou's Journal

we <3 mixtapes
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song for a mix tape

today I made you a mix tape
and I decorated it with lots of stars.
it had all my favorite songs.
there was jawbreaker and armchair martain
built to spill and the descendents.
hell I even put one of ours on it.

falling for you was the easy thing to do.
if only somehow I could make you hang around.

today I made you a mix tape
to say exactly how I feel inside
and make you feel it to.
these are the songs that make me smile
and cry myself to sleep at night
when I�m lying without you.

I love you more than I ever loved anyone before.
hey silly girl I�m begging you.

all of these songs they remind me of you
I hope that you like this song.

did you ever listen to the words and melody
do you fell the pain inside
they way that it hurts me?
when your in your room at night
I hope you�ll be singing along.
and make me a tape of your favorite songs.


this is a community for people that are addicted to mix tapes. we trade mix tapes and post about nothing and everything. you know you wanna join ;D